You will never be bored, that is for sure! #HospitalityWorks

Agne Dimaityte is Hotel Manager at Jurys Inn, Nottingham.

Tell us about your career, where has it all began? Have you always worked in the hospitality sector?

In 2010 I landed in Birmingham to study. While I was finishing master’s degree in hospitality with tourism management, I joined Jurys Inn Birmingham to do my placement. Because I did not have experience in the industry I started as a waitress, but I knew my aim is to be Hotel Manager and it is only up to me how quick I will achieve my aim.

In six months, I have been promoted to Food & Beverage (F&B) Supervisor. During the year I was always interested to learn more and showed it to my senior managers who noted and gave me opportunity to take Duty Managers Role. After my graduation, I decided that I need a change and I have moved to Brighton where I took my first HOD role as Food & Beverage Manager at Jurys Inn Brighton. After a year in Brighton opportunity came up for me to returning to Birmingham as Front Office Manager.

It didn’t take a year for me to move to senior role as Operations Manager. The move from waitress took me just over four years. And after five years in the industry I’ve been promoted to Deputy General Manager. I did this role in Manchester and Birmingham and in 2019, eight years after my first day as a waitress, finally I reached my aim and been promoted to Hotel Manager in Edinburgh and then Nottingham. 2021 is my ten-year anniversary in hospitality industry and I think I did the best choice – first studying it and second choosing it as a career.

Tell us about your current role in the hospitality sector and your day to day responsibilities.

Currently I am a Hotel Manager at Jurys Inn Nottingham, I’ve been here since 2019 October. My responsibilities would be all aspects of the hotel. Main three points are; my team, my guests and my business. My day-to-day has changed due to the current climate.

The industry been hit massively but as I say, we came back stronger and the past year taught us how to work better as a whole hotel team. These days you can find me checking in/out guests, helping with breakfast in the kitchen, behind the bar or supporting housekeeping.

We continue to be up to date with the demands and developing ideas and strategies to drive our business in the market. I am staying very close to my forecasts and budget to make sure we are achieving best results as planned. Big part of my role is H&S, we must make sure we are up to date with the new legislations and licensing laws. Recruitment and trainings are the key for our industry and we always looking for the next talent who is ready to take the challenge and join hospitality industry. 

But what makes it easy? The team. They are fantastic! We pulled it all together and everyone participate in every corner we needed to. I am super lucky to have people around me who would support each other as well as the hotel. And the prove of it, is guests’ satisfaction which we keep maintaining even us being limited at this moment. 

What do you like most about working in the hospitality sector?

I think everyone would say the same 😊 every day is different! You will never be bored that is for sure. I love fast pace – it never stops and after one day off you can feel you have been away a week as so much can happen. Also the team becomes your second family. You spend so much time together that every time I move it is super emotional! 

Other than academic skills, what personality skills do you believe to be of benefit when working in the hospitality sector?

I am a strong believer that anyone who has personality and able to share their smile can work in hospitality industry. You can learn the systems and processes, but it is more difficult to teach how to smile. It is super important to be genuine, approachable and positive! And it doesn’t mean this job is only for extraverts. I had quite few employees who were shy and not that confident but through working along their colleagues and dealing with more challenging situations gave them that confidence to feel comfortable in their role. 

What transferrable skills/qualifications/experiences have you gained since working in the hospitality sector?

I had opportunity to work in different departments which now is extremely useful as I can support any department. And this is an example to my team that there is nothing what you can’t do! Jurys Inn has great development programmes where employees being prepared for their next steps. That involves online as well as face to face training, cross training across the hotel and shadowing specific roles. I had opportunity to work in different hotels, where I learnt how to adjust to the different work environments and cultures as well as working with the leaders who would be so different in their management styles. 

Why do you think Nottingham is the perfect place to start your career in hospitality?

Nottingham is great to start that’s for sure. We have quite few hotels here as well as so many different restaurants, bars and cafes! You can choose up to your liking if you want role in more casual or more formal environment. I can definitely say that staycations now booming and we see great pick up of domestic holidaymakers  It’s great to start as part time job so it will be easier to manage it together with the studies which will give you that experience when you will graduate. 

What advice would you give to young people and people who want to requalify to start a career in hospitality?

First – you can have career in this sector! You must be very open minded and creative. Always get involved and show initiatives to help guests. The best reward in our industry is to make someone’s day. 

What are your favourite things to do in Nottingham in your spare time?

I love my walks around Nottingham, always find some different routes and unexpected places. Try local bars or restaurants and of course shopping is essential!