“We’ve got nothing to lose, why don’t we try it?”

This week’s guest blog starts with Dr. Elizabeth Lacey (GP at Rise Park Surgery) talking about how she’s supported a local young person with the help of DoubleT.

“I’d seen Charlotte a couple of times as a new patient in the surgery. It became apparent that she was willing to work on her health. I knew of DoubleT through referring patients before, and also now through being involved professionally on their Advisory Board, and so I just explained to Charlotte what it was – a really supportive Employability Programme to look at what she might be able to do, workwise, and particularly what might be stopping her.

“Getting from a standing start is really hard when you’re just sat at home, and perhaps trying to break the cycle of just feeling like you can’t do anything. Charlie had lots of barriers, so I just started the conversation. She wasn’t straight away “yes I’d love to do that”, she was a bit reluctant as I remember. I said “We’ve got nothing to lose, why don’t we try it?” and that was the last I heard really until I got an email from Annabel saying that Charlie had made brilliant progress and completed the programme. It was just so encouraging to hear. It really spurs you on to recommend it to other people.”

“Before this Employability Programme I wouldn’t have been so friendly” adds Charlotte (aged 20 from Top Valley):

“I was a bit sceptical – about working with somebody, meeting new people. I just didn’t see the point really, I thought this is going to be a load of c**p. But I thought about what my GP said, and I thought well I’m not losing anything – so I did it.

“I was a naughty kid – I always used to walk out my lessons. I never listened to teachers and never did my work. But this Employability Programme was good, I actually did enjoy it. I’m surprised I got along with Annabel so fast. She helped me with my CV and she encouraged me to join a course – Customer Service Level 1. Before this Employability Programme I wouldn’t have been so friendly. It feels good having completed. It feels like there are possibilities in life now.”

“When we met for the first time I joked about my mistake and she realised she could laugh with me, and that we all make mistakes” says Annabel Elliott (Co-Founder of Double T):

“The first time I messaged Charlotte to arrange an appointment I got her name wrong! When we met for the first time I joked about my mistake and she realised she could laugh with me, and that we all make mistakes.

“I got to know her – we built a relationship by having regular appointments in person before Covid-19 and using FaceTime during lockdown and I knew there were a few things that Charlie was interested in but people forget that they can build a career around things that they enjoy. You don’t have to know what you want to do before you join our Employability Programme, in fact our team spend time encouraging our clients to think carefully before pursuing courses, jobs or apprenticeships.

“I think relationships and trusting people was one of Charlie’s barriers and if people struggle to build relationships they will most likely struggle to do that with their employer too. We created a beautiful CV together, considered suitable training and looked at how to successfully apply for jobs and prepare for an interview among other things. When I phoned her to say she’d completed the Employability Programme and would be entered into our ‘Client of the Year’ awards she started really crying. I felt awful! I started saying “you have reached all the goals you set and you can still always contact me” but she interrupted me and said “I’m crying because I’m so happy. This is the first time I’ve completed something”.

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