Way 2 Work Dawn!

In today’s blog we’re looking back to August 2020, when Dawn came to speak to our partners at Way2Work and asked for support to find a job. Let’s go through the process with one of the advisers and see how it went…

Dawn, who heard about Way2Work from her daughter, said things were tough. She’d been made redundant because of Coronavirus and was pretty worried that being over 50 would make it difficult for her to get back into employment. 

To start off with, we looked at Dawn’s CV, which needed updating, going through what to include and the layout, but also giving her advice about what employers look for in a CV these days.

CV updated, next Dawn worked on her personal statement, adding in her transferable skills, and we had a really thorough discussion about what type of work interested her. Dawn was able to explain that she would ideally like something not too far from home, in administration or customer service as this is where she felt her main skills were.

By October, Dawn had been supported to learn more about effective job searching and application techniques which improved her confidence and she applied for several admin and data input roles. During her next appointment, Dawn worked on a covering letter for her to use for her applications, getting some tips on what she’d written to make it as good as possible and to think of examples of roles and responsibilities she had completed in previous jobs.

Dawn found out towards the end of October that she had been invited to an interview which was a fantastic achievement as she’d never reached this stage before; it was clear that Dawn’s confidence was improving with the support from Way2Work.

In preparation, Dawn was supported with interview techniques, guidance on what to wear and possible questions that she might be asked. Dawn was also encouraged to do some important research into the company and to read over the person specification and job description to prepare herself for the questions she might be asked.

Unfortunately, Dawn was unsuccessful at the interview but was encouraged to ask for feedback, which we then discussed together. The feedback focussed on how nervous Dawn had appeared on the interview which had been a video call. She’d never had an interview in this way before so she lost focus too.

Reflecting on the positives, understanding the feedback and what she could do differently next time, Dawn agreed to continue applying for other roles and was invited to another interview as a call handler.

In November Dawn got some great news, she’d been offered a full-time role. It wasn’t the position she had interviewed for because she didn’t have the right experience, but they offered her a different one, just because they were so impressed with her.

“Since facing redundancy in August, I have been on the Way2Work programme with Lydia, my work coach. Not only has she helped to rebuild my confidence but has really helped me to apply for jobs, to list my work experience on applications and to recognise my transferable skills, something I have really struggled with in the past. 

“I am delighted to say that because of this support I have found a job. I feel more confident and have a better understanding of the job market and how to get into work.”

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