The editor’s kitchen table…

There’s a coffee on the kitchen table, a few cats, and a whole bunch of IT kit that’s starting to look surprisingly at home here, now I’ve been working the ‘new normal’ for a few months.

Lockdown; it’s a word none of us knew about as 2020 kicked into life and sure it’s given its share of challenges, but it’s also given me an opportunity to reflect and recharge our digital content, and that’s a really positive thing.

This new blog is hugely important to me; we’ve all struggled with work from time to time and some of us have known what it’s like to hit rock bottom, but life changes, things improve and there’s also a tonne of success out there which is the kind of hope we have to hang on to. All the time lives are being turned around for the better. People are getting all kinds of support, sure from services like ours, but also from friends, family and in many, many other ways. If you’ve been there and you want to throw someone else a lifeline and say ‘c’mon mate, you can do it’, this blog needs you.

You can share your story too…

This blog needs local people of any age who have faced challenges and are succeeding, who are finding work and earning and learning again, to tell their stories.

In the coming weeks and months I want to write down as many of these as I can and set them free over the internet, to inspire others by showing the effort people are putting in to ask for support, dig deep, ask themselves what they want to achieve, fight off the gloom and stick at it until something good comes along.

Share your story and contribute to the blog right now, today, email me, I’d love to include your story here.

Have a great day and keep going,