None of us like to be told we can’t do something, especially when we know we can, or in fact, we’d totally nail it if someone just gave us a chance! Paul’s been finding that a fair bit, especially with potential employers who take a look at his disability and, whether they actually said it to his face or not, he knows what many of them are thinking.

So yeah, it knocked his confidence, he knew what he was capable of but as he told us; “I see people doing the same thing as me but obviously it was harder for me to get a job due to the disadvantage. Employers would look at me and think ‘Is he capable of doing that job?’”

Sadly, Paul’s not that unique, and like many of us who’ve had knock backs (and yeah, I’ve had my own) he just needed someone to believe in him and give him the confidence to keep going. He’s found that confidence through Double T who are one of our partners, based in Carrington.

“I have worked before, mostly painting and decorating, working for myself but I was out of work, on universal credit, definitely looking for a job. Double T filled out a wonderful CV for me and they arranged work experience for me.

“I’d really rate the service because I’d lost some of my confidence and self-esteem before so now I feel like I have that back. I feel I’m back on my stride again.”

This was earlier in the summer and Paul’s now in work, doing some painting and decorating, plastering and labouring and hoping to be a qualified plasterer in the future.

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