My redundancy journey

As bloggers we sniff around for stories and we often reach dead-ends and need more coffee to keep going, but sometimes, when the stars are aligned, great stories drop right in your lap.

Perseverance (ok, and caffeine) make us who we are. When it’s not going well we dig deep and keep going, and that’s the narrative behind the story which landed in my inbox yesterday.

PF is a local Nottingham lad, Wilford born, Meadows bred. He told me that he’s recently moved back to Wilford which is great, but the timing for him could have been better as he was made redundant in July. But, as I’ve alluded to, he’s bouncing back and in true blogger-style, he’s writing about his journey in a series of personal stories, and you know what, they’re a good read!

“For the last 20 years, I’ve worked in broadcast technology, mainly delivering large projects throughout the world to companies like BBC, ITV, Sky, BT Sport etc. If you’ve watched TV over the last few years, you’ve more than likely been watching some of my handiwork.

“When lockdown started, advertising in the broadcast sector stopped, projects were cancelled. I had nothing to do.  So I was made redundant, and that’s not going to change until the world starts to get back to normal. Until that happens, I’m looking at accrediting some past experience and get the AWS Solutions Architect qualification – I’m half way through that training, and on the side I’m learning HTML5 and CSS.

“I’m also keeping busy (and learning new skills) by writing a blog called ‘My Redundancy Journey’ which you can find at  The purpose of the blog is to document the ins and out of my redundancy and job hunt, both process and personal, giving a few thoughts as I go.  I have a few contacts who work in HR, and I’m also tapping into their knowledge, or twisting their arm to contribute.

“I only went live a couple of weeks ago. I’m letting things develop ‘organically’, aka, still learning about SEO and Social Marketing, but I’m not giving up, I’m moving on up.”

Look out for more from PF here in the future or find him on Twitter and Facebook.