Losing my job was, well, let me tell you…

When I first lost my job role in Event Management, I felt overwhelmed and alone. I had worked since I was 17 and work was always such a huge part of my life so to suddenly be without a job left me questioning my purpose.  I was also quite panicked as the industry I had known for the last five years was quite clearly not going to return for a while due to COVID-19 so I would need to start in a new industry and begin to look at what transferable skills I had.

Asking for support was hard for me as I was so used to being independent. I quickly learnt that ‘many hands make light work’ and the support I received from the Way2Work programme was invaluable. Since being on Way2Work I’ve learned that there are people available to help you that are working on some incredible programmes. The support is out there and you should never be ashamed about asking for help.

I think most importantly the Way2Work programme helped me with confidence and motivation when applying for jobs. I was lucky enough to find work after seven weeks of being unemployed however the job application process can be exhausting so having someone call you to see how you are getting on, meant the world.

Previously I have worked as a Professional Singer, an Acting & Vocal Coach for under 18s, a Sales Assistant at Lush and most recently as an Event Manager for the last 5 years. Currently, I work as a coach for the ‘Way2Work’ programme run by Derby College Group and Nottingham Jobs.

I felt inspired by the help I had received and wanted to be able to provide that excellent support to other people.  I know the feelings of being made redundant (which unfortunately so many people face now) and can really empathise with our participants in what can be such a hard time. With my varied work history, it has allowed me to really delve into people’s transferrable skills sets and open up their eyes to the varied industries that are available to them.  No two days are ever the same and coupled with a fantastic team, I’m thoroughly enjoying my new position.

Personally, I find that working contributes to my happiness and helps build my self esteem whilst giving me something to focus on each day. The finances allow me to budget each month and I love going into work and seeing my team each day.

I am thoroughly enjoying my current position and I would love to progress with other projects and hopefully lead on one in the future.