It’s like being in a happy family: #HospitalityWorks

Julie Maskrey is Business Development Manager at Quadrant Events, Nottingham.

Tell us about your career, where has it all began? Have you always worked in the hospitality sector?

I thought I would go into hospitality when leaving school as this was something that computers couldn’t takeover completely, so I trained as cook. I went onto cook for an external catering company cooking for a factory of four hundred people or an executive lunch/dinner for six.  I then ventured to the lights of Blackpool where I ran a nineteen bedroom hotel which was very 24/7.  Furthered my career in conference & events to duty manager in hotels which then took me down south to a sales manager role in Surrey and then Kent.  Heading back home to the midlands to work non-match day sales at a football club.  Then on to quadrant events which is sitting on the other side of the fence, still working with hotels but understanding the operational side is a big help on delivering events and is where I am still today after thirteen years.

Tell us about your current role in the hospitality sector and your day to day responsibilities.

Now I hunt out companies that are looking to holding events, having an understanding of what the client is looking for, what they are trying to achieve from the event and how we can help deliver the best successful smooth running and memorable event ever.

What do you like most about working in the hospitality sector?

It is like no other career, it’s like being in a happy family, it can be unsociable hours, but it is worth it when you all come together as one and what starts as an idea on paper it ends up a reality.

Other than academic skills, what personality skills do you believe to be of benefit when working in the hospitality sector?

Being professional at all times, understanding of others, always have a smile on your face, we don’t have bad days as we have solutions.

What transferrable skills/qualifications/experiences have you gained since working in the hospitality sector?

Being organised by always preparing ahead where possible as know two days are ever the same, good time keeping, honesty, a friendly face. 

Why do you think Nottingham is the perfect place to start your career in hospitality?

Nottingham has a wide range of hotels, event space, theatres, restaurant and bars so there is something for everyone.

What advice would you give to young people and people who want to requalify to start a career in hospitality?

Go for it, it can open up a whole new world and can be so varied.

What are your favourite things to do in Nottingham in your spare time?

Staying overnight in a hotel and going to see a good show or concert, not forgetting the pre theatre dinner of course.

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