It’s good news…Hollie’s work blog

In today’s blog, we hear from a support worker on our Nottingham Works project [Ed. that’s the one for people under 30 in Nottingham].

When Hollie got in touch with us she was unemployed and most of her previous experience was in retail and hospitality, which, as you’ll all know, has been really badly affected by Coronavirus.

Hollie told us that she would like to find a job that was customer focused but she also really wanted to support others to overcome life challenges and improve their current circumstances. From the start, I was able to support Hollie and update her CV and cover letter so she could tell potential employers all about her skills, experience, and personality.

We also had a good chat about her transferable skills, about building her confidence levels and how she could find out about job opportunities in Nottingham. Speaking with our local Job Centre Work Coaches, we got Hollie some information and advice about vacancies with them, actually doing a very similar job as chance would have it!

I’d got to know Hollie by then and was able to motivate her to apply for the role, thinking she’d be ideal because of her kind and caring nature and her passion to support others. We worked through the application process together, looking at her personal statement especially so she could really focus on her skills gained from previous jobs.”

Hollie had a load of experience, through work and personally, of understanding the hardships and barriers people face when looking for work but it was great when we got the news that Hollie‚Äôs application was successful. We spent some time then preparing for her interview and because of everything we’d done she felt very confident, understanding the job role and responsibilities as well as the role of the Job Centre and their services.

She did really well, which is great, and now has a full time job as a Work Coach, telling us afterwards that she’s very thankful for the support she has received from us, especially understanding and building her skills, confidence and mindset because that’s what helped her find a job that works for her.

Find out more on our Nottingham Works web page or call us on 0115 876 4508.