I’m kickstarting my career…

Online Retail Assistant Amelia has been with White Rose for a month now, she joined the company on the Kickstart scheme. It’s a whole new experience for her, and for White Rose, let’s see how she’s getting on…

How have you got on so far?

“I feel like it’s going really great, I feel like I fit in quite nicely into the team and everyone’s welcomed me with open arms. I feel as though if I have any questions or queries, I can go to anyone about it, they’re a really friendly team. It’s something different to what I’ve done before, with previous work, but it’s going great, yeah.”

Kickstart is really new, is it what you expected?

“Prior to starting the role I knew it would be part-time, twenty-five hours a week, so I’m working three days because we’ve condensed them, so in that respect I thought it would be working five days but fewer hours, but I think I prefer this.

“In terms of the role, I thought White Rose would be a much larger organisation than it actually is, but I think that’s a good thing because I make a real difference being part of the team, and I’m a significant part of it. I’m new to a warehouse environment but I had a two-week training course prior to getting the role which helped me know what to expect.”

What’s been going well for you, four weeks in?

“There’s lots of different stations you can work on but I particularly enjoy picking and packing the orders, making sure they get out on time for the customers, uploading the items, sorting through the stock. Stock prep is great too, to have a look at the kind of stock we get in and getting it all set up and ready to be photographed, and I really enjoy the photography as well, because that’s a hobby of mine so I’m glad I can involve that in my work too.”

Is Kickstart helping you develop skills for your future career?

“Yeah, definitely, I think the environment I’m in, there’s lots of interpersonal skills you’ve got to use and lots of time management as we’ve got to work to targets. My career path was to go down the psychology route but this role on Kickstart has allowed me to pursue other avenues, like my volunteering, and allowed me to earn some money while I’m doing it.”

So, how did you find out about the role?

“I saw the role advertised and it was really nice to see a familiar name, because I’m someone who’s shopped in the White Rose stores in town before, and have been aware of the charity. Knowing there was an opportunity going, I was really interested and passionate about getting involved in helping the Aegis Trust and all the great work they do, working towards prevention of genocide. My passion is to help people and I volunteer with different charities, so I thought this would really suit me and I was really, really happy to get involved in it.”

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