I thought I had to pick one job and be in it forever…

Charlotte’s on the phone with her adviser Jackie, who’s on a video call with me so there’s one thing I can already say about the 17 year old; she’s not fazed by doing things differently, she’s adaptable and has the inner strength to ask for support when she needs it.

I’ll let her tell you her story…

“I did health & social care at college and passed that but I didn’t know what to do next. I was looking for work, I had a friend who’d worked with Jackie before and he told me that she’d helped him so he gave me her number. It was hard, I just didn’t know where I wanted to be working, I used to think I had to pick one job and I’d be in it forever.

“She helped me a lot because I didn’t have a really good CV so she helped me write one, we went through interview questions too. She told me that even if I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I still have time to figure it out. Getting the support made me feel more comfortable with finding a job and gave me confidence.

“We started in August and finished in October, meeting every week, we met in the park at first actually because we couldn’t meet inside but as the weather got colder we managed to get a room so we could safely meet in one of the children’s centres!

“I had an interview with a retailer which I went to and one for the QMC and I got both! I think what helped was knowing that I wasn’t picking a career, and I had options. I chose the QMC job because it linked in more with what I did at college and I knew that working in a hospital I’d gain more experience. You can start off as catering assistant like I am but you can move up, and I see other people doing things that I’d like to do one day.

“I’m still trying things out but I think I’ll stick with the hospital. I’ve had the job since the end of September and it’s not what I expected it to be but you get to meet loads of people and all the nurses are really nice. So what we do in catering is to do the water and tea rounds and we serve the food to the patients and we have to make the food sometimes, bring the food dollies down for the busy lunch times. I’d like to find out about the other jobs in the hospital, there’s like thousands of jobs you could do.

“I’d say to other people my age, don’t stress if you don’t know what you want to do, you’ve got plenty of time and there’s loads of people out there who can help you find what you want to do. I know it’s really hard looking for a job and people give up looking but there will be something, you just have to find different ways to find them.”


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