Hot drinks with the angels

I love it when blog posts just write themselves, and especially when I get an email from a young person with a great story to tell. This week’s post is another guest blog, this time from young carer Marriam.

My name is Marriam and I am a young carer for two family members. I joined Carers Federation as a young carer around September/ October of 2019 and I was assigned to the angels: Teresa initially then Rebecca.

In my first visit we talked about my situation as a young carer, my fears of and plans for the future and how Carers Federation would support me through the lovely Teresa and Rebecca. We also came up with a rough meeting plan (I was given the choice of when to hold the meetings and where which I found to be incredibly nice and convenient). The atmosphere at the Carers Federation office was very comfortable and welcoming and the fact that Teresa and Rebecca would always offer me a warm drink before the start of our meeting made the place feel even more welcoming! 

I received a lot of practical, personalised support during and after the meetings, a few example include: extensive CV support, help with the submission of an extenuating circumstances form for the universities I was applying to at that time, support with buying my university essential electronic devices (a laptop and a printer) which I am sure are going to be a great aid for me when I start my first year of university.

One of the many great things about the support I received from Carers Federation is the that the support workers (especially Teresa and Rebecca) always go out of their own way to offer help in a very timely manner and I always feel that I can contact them and ask them for help whenever I need it.

Another very important factor is the fact that the support workers are very emotionally aware, very supportive and very kind. It is something that I personally (and I am certain all other young carers) appreciate a lot, especially considering the fact that the majority of young carers live under a lot of stress. Small gestures like sending an email to check on how my family and I are doing in these difficult times, wishing me luck for my university interviews and offering to listen to my worries and fears…all of these things do not require a lot of practical effort, they only require the person to have a genuine heart and Carers Federation is in my opinion very lucky to have such individuals work for them. 

I am incredibly lucky to have been accepted into King’s College London, one of the best universities in the world to do an amazing course – Medicine – and I owe this success to the people I love and the people who supported me when I myself had doubts. These people include the people of Carers Federation, especially Teresa and Rebecca who I cannot thank enough for all the support they have given me. 

The support I received and from Carers Federation has been fantastic. Carers Federation is a charity that deserves all the funding it gets and much much more. Investing in young people, especially those of them who are in need of extra support but get neither enough support nor enough recognition (which is sadly the case with young carers) is the right choice.

Young people have a lot of potential – they will grow up to lead the world and create the future and by supporting them you are investing in the future – a better future not only for them but for all of us.