The apprenticeship has helped me so much…


“I was looking for work after being made redundant from my previous role and concentrating on being a mum really but I heard about the job online. I applied, and I started in July 2018 as a benefit recovery officer on an 18 month apprenticeship.

“Unfortunately the job couldn’t be made permanent but I was able to apply next for a role working in council tax so was able to gain full time employment as well as continuing my apprenticeship. I like the role because I get to speak to people from all different backgrounds and for this new role I get to meet people face to face which is something I’ve never done before.

“I think the apprenticeship has helped me so much in terms of confidence in myself, and I’ve learnt lots about the role like how to treat customers fairly. I’ve gained experience and new skills doing the apprenticeship, I did two maths exams at level one and level two and have passed those, it gave me the opportunity to explore new things that I probably wouldn’t have done.”

“I just finished a customer service diploma, level two, with Futures, and I got a distinction so in the next few years I’m hopefully going to go on to a more senior level in the role and potentially look at doing a level three customer service apprenticeship and I’ll see where it goes from there! Now I’ve gained a full time permanent role here at the Nottingham Revenues & Benefits Ltd, I’m hoping to stay here for as long as I can.

“I was surprised to find an apprenticeship considering my age, I thought I was too old, but learning has no age limit and the apprenticeship experience itself is just amazing so I’d say to others, just go for it!”

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