Young & unemployed near Bestwood?

Photo of BRANDON

Bestwood Partnership offer loads of support for 16 to 29s and are a great place to go for advice!

Brandon’s 18 and from Top Valley. He went, and said:

“Going to the meetings gave me hope that I was going to get where I wanted to be. As doing it alone I didn’t really have the best motivation at first. But from coming to the meetings and having that helping hand and support helped me to get out there find what I wanted.

“It was also nice to be able to say I’m not too sure on how to do certain things properly like making a CV or applying for jobs, and having to option to be guided on those things that I struggled with. All of these things was what got me out of bed in the morning with the motivation to get out there.”

Check out their web, or give them a call on 0115 975 5758

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