Trio of success for CRS…

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…that’s Community Recording Studio to you and me!


Emma’s 24, she was 14 when she started going to CRS and was going through a rough time in school and family life when she first came. I remember she walked through the door angry and rebellious, but with a love for music. We gave her a platform in music away from the stresses of her day to day life and family, and a safe place to go.

She’s told us; “If I had never come to CRS I may have been in serious trouble or even worse! CRS changed my life” 

Now Emma is a mum, a boxer and still pursuing her career in music.

Olivia (19) has been coming to us at CRS for just under a year now. She’s currently working on finding her sound by experimenting with her voice, different producers and sounds and creating a bank of songs that she loves, ready to release a few as singles.

“CRS has benefitted me massively by helping me to find a sense of direction and confidence with my music, and exposed me to a supportive and extremely talented community.”

Robert is 16 and has been a regular at CRS for 3 months now. He signed up for the jobs programme first of all and used this to gain 30 hours voluntary work. Since the day Robert walked in to the studio, he has attended nearly every day, he’s become a valued member of the studio. He is currently working on a short film we are producing and is volunteering and learning photography. He has decided he is going to go to sixth form and eventually would like to work in Air Traffic Control.  

Community Recording Studio are in St Ann’s, call or text them on
07921 845 763 or head to their website.

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